Collision Repair

When you’ve been in a crash, it can leave your vehicle looking worse for wear. Experience the step-by-step collision repair process we use at our Macon collision center and learn what to expect when you bring your vehicle in. After reading, schedule your visit to our auto collision center so you can say goodbye to vehicle defects.  

The 5 Step Collision Repair Process at Our Macon Collision Center 

1. Initial Evaluation

The first step in repairing collision damage is to evaluate the extent of work needed and create a strategy to restore the vehicle. 

2. Vehicle Disassembly 

Next, your car will be disassembled so repairs can be made to the damaged parts. Not all damage is visible, and this step reveals problems underneath the exterior that may need to be addressed. 

3. Structural Body Repairs 

Damage to your vehicle’s frame and core structure will be repaired. This includes your bumpers, doors, chassis, wheel wells, and other critical components. 

4. Cosmetic Repairs 

Once major body work has been completed, cosmetic repairs like paint touch ups will be made. This must be done with high-quality products and precise skill to ensure a factory match. 

5. Reassembly and Auto Detailing

Finally, we reassemble your vehicle and do a complete front-to-back interior and exterior detailing, so your ride looks perfect when you pick it up. 

How to Know If You Need an Auto Collision Center 

You may need the help of an auto body shop if: 

Trust Us As Your Local Collision Center

Finding reputable body repair near you can be intimidating. Avoid choosing mechanics that do a little bit of everything. Instead, look for a provider specializing in body work so you know your vehicle will be repaired according to industry standards. 

Call us at Butler Collision Center today to learn more about our vehicle restoration services or to book your initial appointment for a repair assessment. 


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