Cutting Edge Paint Service Focused on the Details

When it comes to a paint job, it’s all about the details. After all, your car’s paint is one of the first qualities people notice about it. Scratches, dings, swirls, and faded spots are all unsightly and draw the eye. Replacing these blemishes with a factory fresh paint job is what our highly trained car paint repair technicians do best.

Here at Butler Collision Center we use the latest in auto paint shop technology to produce durable, smooth, and polished finishes leaving your car not only sleek and glossy but protected from the elements as well.

The first step in understanding how we do this is to familiarize yourself with the process. The paint repair process outlined below covers typical requirements, but we recognize that every vehicle coming through our auto paint shop has its own unique paint job needs.


First, our technicians carefully examine your paint’s current condition. Many cars only need spot treatments, so we’ll mask the rest of the area we are applying paint to. We then find and make a perfect color match of the current paint as indicated on your vehicle’s compliance plate. After being sanded, cleaned, and dried we apply up to three coats of primer to prepare the area for paint application. Following this we sand the area smooth again and then clean it thoroughly before applying the topcoat. We’ll apply 3-4 layers of topcoat, sand it down a third time with fine sandpaper, and then clean and dry the area again. For the final layer, we apply 3-4 coats of clear coat or lacquer. This will protect your car’s repaired paint for years to come.

Once complete, we buff the paint to make sure everything is smooth and matches evenly with the rest of the car. The last and crucial step is for our technicians to thoroughly inspect their work to ensure customer satisfaction.

Cutting Edge Paint Service Focused on the Details

Butler Collision Center’s expert auto painting and repair shop technicians are ready to help you with any questions and all your paint repair needs. Schedule an appointment with us today! We look forward to helping your car achieve that factory fresh look you want and it deserves.


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