The safety systems included with many of today’s new cars have made drivers and passengers safer than ever before, but only if those systems are properly calibrated and working as designed. 

Just as your car’s engine requires the occasional tuneup or your tires need to be rotated, safety systems need to be recalibrated every once in a while in order to remain in good working condition. 

What is Safety System Recalibration?

Advanced safety systems like blind spot detection and forward collision warning use cameras, sensors and lasers to detect other vehicles and objects, identify road signs, recognize lane boundaries and more. All of this information is relayed to a computer that then triggers the appropriate response, be it a signal to the driver or a takeover of the vehicle’s control. 

In order for safety systems to function properly, the cameras, sensors and other technology must be pointed at exactly the right spot at the right height and be properly calibrated to take the right measurements in order to relay a clear signal to the rest of the system and trigger the appropriate response. For example:

When Does a Safety System Need to be Recalibrated?

Recalibration of a safety system is required in some situations and should occur after any of the following:

Which Safety Systems Should be Recalibrated?

Some of the safety systems that require recalibrating include:

Any vehicle with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) will likely have at least one feature requiring the occasional recalibration. 

Is Safety System Recalibration Covered by Insurance?

Yes, recalibration of safety systems is covered by insurance when done under certain circumstances. The biggest problem is finding a collision center that is capable of performing a recalibration as the process requires expensive technology. Most auto collision repair shops do not have the resources to perform the service and will just recommend that you take the vehicle to a dealership to have it recalibrated. 

Here at Butler Collision Center, we pride ourselves on meeting the right criteria. Our collision center has everything needed to recalibrate safety systems including the highly-trained and experienced personnel to do it. We are your one-stop shop for repairs and recalibration and can fine-tune your safety system back to its manufacturer specifications for optimal performance. Call us at (478) 784-0601 or schedule an appointment at one of our two locations today.

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