Auto accidents can be stressful and costly, requiring auto body repair, collision repair, and car painting to repair any cosmetic damage to car paint jobs. Here are some common causes of accidents for you to watch out for so you can avoid a trip to your local collision repair shop.

Driving Under the Influence

Tragically, one of the most common causes of accidents is also preventable. Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol clouds a driver’s judgment and reduces their ability to react promptly to changing circumstances. Never drive while you’re under the influence of any substance, including medical prescriptions that come with a warning not to operate machinery.

Distracted Driving

Even a moment spent not paying attention when you’re driving can be enough to cause an accident. With cell phones becoming a more significant part of our everyday lives, there are more distractions than ever close at hand when we’re behind the wheel. Make sure you don’t let your phone, loud music, or people in your vehicle distract you from paying full attention to your driving.

Collisions with Animals

Another hazard drivers have to contend with is animals obstructing the road. Deer are perhaps the best-known for causing issues for drivers, but all sorts of animals can create dangerous situations. Be alert and prepared to stop when an animal crosses your path, especially during the morning or evening hours when animals like deer tend to be most active.


Falling asleep at the wheel or driving excessively tired is another common cause of collisions. If you’re feeling exhausted while you’re behind the wheel, find a safe place to pull over. It’s better to take that precaution and put whatever plans you have on pause for a moment than it is to risk an accident.

Get the Collision Repair, Car Painting, Car Paint Jobs, and Auto Body Repair You Need

If you’re involved in an accident, we’re standing by to provide anything you need to get your vehicle ready for the road again. Schedule an appointment with our team today, and we’ll take care of your auto body and collision repair needs.

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